About Us

About US

UpCycle Vermont was the brainchild of the talented corps of seamstresses here at Beau Ties of Vermont – a small company nestled in the valley between Lake Champlain and the foothills of the Green Mountains. 

Over the course of more than 25 years – we can’t even calculate how much combined skill that represents – they have converted thousands of neckties into Beau Ties, and worked with customers to repurpose everything from favorite shirts to flannel PJs into all kinds of new products.  Indeed, they have created unique patterns for a whole host of items they can create from almost any fabric item you may have on hand.

The bottom line is that Upcycle Vermont is the happy amalgamation of vibrant Yankee ingenuity and the ageless ethos of “waste not, want not.”  Of taking the fashionable, and giving it new style.

So we invite you to join in the spirit of making something new of something familiar.  Take a look in your closet, and imagine a brand new tote bag created out of that favorite (but maybe a bit snug) plaid skirt.  Think about breathing new life into those curtains that left the windows a long time ago, and transform them into a set of napkins and placemats.  

Upcycling possibilities are almost endless.  They start here.

Why Upcycle?

At Upcycle Vermont, we understand each piece of fabric has a story. It has traveled far and wide to reach its owner, adding value to his or her life. Years may pass and that fabric will reach its useful life on a particular garment. Some predict it’s ready to toss. Upcycle Vermont sees much more. We see potential.

Through the innovative and ecological practice of upcycling, Upcycle Vermont promotes the creative reuse of fashion goods and materials across the nation. We vow to minimize waste by transforming pre-loved resources into new items with added value. We support our customers as they start a new journey with their
upcycled creation.