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Transform fabric favorites – from shirts and skirts to tablecloths and tea towels – into something totally new. Upcycle!

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What We Do

Send us a favorite fabric item of yours and we’ll transform it into a new one! 

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How It Works

Working with Upcycle Vermont is simple.


Send us a favorite fabric item of yours and we’ll transform it into a new one!


We’ll confirm all the details with you, and then our expert seamstresses will use the fabric to transform your old favorite into a unique new product.


We ship your newly upcycled fabric back to you inits new form, ready for you to enjoy for years to come.

Why Upcycle?

We’ve all been there.  Looking for ANY reason to avoid throwing that favorite old shirt into the rag bag or even (be still our hearts) into the outgoing trash.  While it’s true that we’re from Vermont and we love being oh-so-green, our love of upcycling favorite fabrics is about more than that.  It’s about the special memories wrapped up in that perfect red sweater,  those holiday napkins that the kids hated, the always trustworthy skirt that doesn’t fit anymore, a silly souvenir t-shirt, even Dad’s favorite old necktie. 

Yes, upcycling is innovative and ecologically responsible.  Yes, it’s one step forward in reducing the size of landfills.  But at the heart of it for us – and for you – is the joy that comes from saving and savoring those special things that just make you happy.


After all, as Winnie The Pooh said, “Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.”

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